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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Comrade Negroponte and the Bush Commissars

The accession of Negroponte to the blood stained throne of intelligence chief is a sign of intent with regards to the Bush administrations attitude to torture and other repressive activities.

Negroponte's involvement in Central America and his tacit and not so tacit endorsement of the death squads no doubt acted as an automatic recomendation to the Neo-Conservative ideologues that infest the Bush administration.

Negroponte is in many ways an excellent expression of Neo-Conservative cognitive dissonance. Superficially the Neo-Conservative ex-trots want to spread a global democratic revolution via the force of US arms. But once you look behind this facade the iron spine of their ideology is about the maintenance of US hegemony. Although they affect to despise Kissinger style realpolitick the Neo-conservatives use many of the same methods(albeit incompetently) to acheive their aims: military coups, subversion..propaganda..etc...

To Negroponte and the Neo-Conservatives the ends will always justify the means which is why for our cousins over the pond they are such a dangerous combination.