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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The continued venality of the Conservative party towards immigration

Yet again the Tory party sinks to new stygian depths with regards to immigration. The racist subtext of their latest proposal is so blatant and simplistic that even I am amazed by it's brazen nature.

To the desperate cynics at Central Office the equating of immigration to the propogation of disease must have looked like a winner, a veritable machievellian masterstroke, ticking all the right boxes in terms of their estranged base. Linking little Englander fear of the 'foreign' and exploiting British people's love of the NHS by openly saying that immigration might harm it through abuse. All this with the added side benefit of further dehumanising and obscuring the immigrant him or herself.

After all in British politics anything that the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph likes has got to be winner hasn't it? If but it were so for our courageous boys in blue for 'New' Labour has triangulated the poor luckless Conservative party out of the picture when it comes to immigration policy.