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Monday, February 14, 2005

England's Dreaming: God save the king...he made you a moron he ain't no human being....

Never did that tired old sell-out Johnny Rotten sing a better line...Yet again the prone and abject British media prostrates itself before what Private Eye call 'The Firm'. Once more we are subject to reams of coverage of a marriage that 19% of the British public could care less about.

The whole bread and circuses aspect of how this wedding will be treated fills me with contempt for the whole institution of monarchy. It reinforces social division in this country by topping off our archaic yet functional(for the people at the top...) class system. So for the people who really control things in this country the monarchy does have its uses, as a distraction and an illustration of the 'natural' hierarchy and divisions within British society.

The British public does seem to have some confused attitudes to the monarchy. Many wish to see Charles bypassed in the line of sucession and William to take the throne. This seems a bizzare attitude to me, either you support the hereditary pinciple or you are opposed. The minute one introduces public choice into the monarchy it ceases to be a monarchy and you might as well just elect President Mandelson...

I have no animus towards the poor benighted royals caught up in the monarchy, in fact I would argue that the monarchy represents a unique form of mental tortue for all those involved. It is impossible to see how any normal family life could develop under such circumstances, let the royal family return to their natural sloane ranger state... For the sake of the country and the mental health of those poor unfortunate people at the heart of this charade the monarchy must end and it must end with Elizabeth.