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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Eulogy to the Brilliance of 'Shameless'

Words cannot capture how good the Channel 4 TV series 'Shameless' is, but I'll have a go. 'Shameless' is not a comedy yet makes me laugh, it's not a 'serious' drama but moves me almost every episode. It's not a Soap opera but makes you identify with the characters, it's not reality TV but feels more real than Big Brother could ever be....

'Shameless' focuses on the life, loves and general goings on of the Mancunian Gallagher clan. Unlike most British TV Shameless just works. Which then leads to the question of how it works..
'Shameless' works because of it's strong loveable yet realistic characters. Simple as that! From Frank the alkie wastrel absent father to Fiona Frank's daughter yet surrogate mother to the clan. Paul Abbot makes you care and feel for the characters by bringing real emotional depth to how the family interact

'Shameless' is one of the few drama programmes on TV that actually makes me forget that it's scripted, the writing is that good and Paul Abbot deserves credit for that.

In short buy/beg/borrow/download/steal 'Shameless' you will not regret it!