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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Missives from a blog orbiting round Pluto...or that's how it feels being a UK political blogger sometimes..

So here I am a UK blogger reading about the Gannon affair, and to be honest feeling a little left out...for it is a truth universally acknowledged that the blogosphere's centre of gravity lies in the USA. This is especially true for political blogs. Which then leads us onto the question of why?

As any good Marxist will tell you: follow the money! If politics is economics by other means then all roads lead to Washington DC the latter day Rome. Politics in the States is being played for much higher stakes. Blogs reflect this reality of US imperial dominance and reach.

US political decisions have much more effect on my own everyday life in some ways than that of the UK government. So I read and pay close attention to US blogs and hope that they will pay attention to a minor provincial languishing in an imperial backwater, marking time playing the waiting game...