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Saturday, February 19, 2005

A Police State with a Human Face, the Reflex Authoritarianism of 'New' Labour

Charles Clarke plans to bring in house arrest laws in this country after the 'New' Labour government failed to uphold it's internment laws in the highest court of the land. Never has the European Convention on Human Rights been more welcome or more needed....despite the government's derrogation from the convention in the first place to implement these repressive laws.

So in reply to this damning judgement the government has proposed house arrest laws for the internees in Belmarsh. Yet again the government has refused to shift it's position that it can intern these these people without trial and throw away the key. All that would really change for the internees under this proposal would be the location of their internment.

House arrest to me makes me thinks of Mynamar, Chinese dissidents, the dirty war against the IRA in the seventies not the UK in the noughties. Any socialist/libertarian/liberal/anarchist will and should be opposed to this unwarranted use of arbitrary government power and invasion of liberty.