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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Politics Officially Rubbish: Declare All Major Political Parties

The 'nice but dim' party appears to have learnt a political trick or two from it's abusive 'New' Labour owners. The whole media campaign around Margaret Dixon's treatment by the NHS brings back memories of Labour's Jennifer's Ear debacle. The Tories have cleverly set the tone for this particular media flap puitting Labour on the defensive, giving John 'oh fuck not health' Reid the political run around.

The Tories like 'New' Labour before them know that most people just read the headlines, or skim the news and trying to have an emotional not intellectual impact on the potential voter. What they are trying to do is create the impression that the NHS has got worse rather than better. Nothing unusual in modern focus grouped advertising driven politics. 'New' Labour has been forced to operate in damage control which is an amusing sight. The Tories unlike previous years seem to have some sort of pre-election plan and for a change the discipline to follow it. The Tories are it seems back in the game and while they may not win the general election they may ressurect their status as a competent opposition party.