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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Did You Hear the One About the BNP Councillor who got on the Racial Equality Committee...err sorry it's real no punchline folks!

Just when when you thought satire was dead reality comes along and administers a sharp thwack to it's head just to make sure. I mean what is the point of political commentary when reality does such a damn fine job by itself!

Yet again the 'Stupid Party' live up to their fine traditions of intellectual incompetence and ham-fisted political maneuvering by their appointing of a BNP* counciller to a Racial Equality committee. Now I can see the twisted logic behind this by the Tories as the intellectual pygmies behind this strategy obviously think they can isolate the BNP councillor and cut his support off at the pass by making him look ineffective to his own supporters. This would then protect the Tories right theory.

Of course the Tories are obviously banking that the BNP Councillor is as thick as two short planks and can't see the poisoned challice that's being handed to him here. The real danger is if the Tories have handed the BNP on this council a chance to look and act as a legitimate party. This is the real act of stupidity on the Tories part and the other parties on Calderdale Council(West Yorkshire) realise this. The Tories will reap as they sow...