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Sunday, February 27, 2005

I Love The Smell of 'BBC Bias' in the Morning...It Smells Like Victory!

The Conservatives are playing this pre-election climate very cannily alas. The pseudo-populist charges of bias towards the corporation are another example of fantastically cynical electioneering. The charges of bias emanate from a drama called Faith that is set during the miners strike of 1984.

The Tories are trying to take a leaf out of the US Republicans approach to the media by implying that the BBC is a nest of metropolitan lefty pinkos systematically biased against the Conservative Party and the 'common sense' of ordinary Britons. This is quite a clever strategy by the Conservatives, keeping them in the news and throwing a little red meat towards their core supporters.

One possible reason for the attack on the BBC might be that it's designed to provoke the Labour party into some kind of response, to draw them out in some way. It will be interesting to see how this manufactured controversy plays itself out over the next couple of days and especially if the Murdoch press pick it up...