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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Nepotism of Pole Greasing Monkeys

The secret with this government is always to lower your expectations that way you'll never ever be disappointed. The Current revelations on how the legal advice was cooked up by two of Blair's legal allies is a case in point. Blair who cannot truly tell a lie (as he truly believes the rationales that he sells himself) needed legal cover for his pre-arranged and pre-agreed upcoming war.

So he taps his old political/legal friend Lord Falconer who duly cooks up the evidence needed for Goldsmith's shaky legal backing for the war. To a political cynic like me none of this is particularly surprising, as Blair was operating in his full Niezstchian 'will to power' mode, seasoned with some light muscular Christianity. Like Bush's Neo-conservatives Blair saw himself as one of 'history's actors' and nothing was going to get in his way...

Political relationships between males seem to follow some depressing dynamics, and although I give no credence to Evolutionary Psychology and its simplistic nostrums the hierarchical nature of these arrangements seem to be some kind of human universal, when it comes to male group dynamics. Falconer wished to keep in Blair's favour and scratched his back picking a few irritating fleas off in the process.

I don't pretend to know Falconer's true thinking on the war, but it is not inconceivable that his loyalty to Blair outweighed any moral consideration regarding a war in a far-away place of which most people knew very little.