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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Best News I've Heard All Day

Every cloud has a silver lining it seems, and although I kvetched about Blair rejecting the Tory proposed Sunset Clause on the forthcoming house arrest laws. The possible upside might be that the Bill does not pass at all due to time constraints as the original legislation expires on March 14th.

Blair's argument against the Sunset Clause was particuarlyfallacious his key point being that there was no need for such a clause due to the fact that house arrest orders would be reviewed annually. Blair commits a classic category error confusing the renewal of a house arrest order within the law with the renewal of the law itself. All of which makes me wonder if he actually believes what he's saying, on second thoughts he's a lawyer of course he does!

So fingers crossed this bill will not pass due to the tactical maneuvering by the Tories, rebel Labour MP's and the Lib Dems.