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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Invisible Hand of Lynton Crosby: The Tories Puppet Opposition to the Human Rights Act

Contemptible, cynical, well all of the above really. The Tories are yet again displaying contemptible, low and cunning tactics when it comes to winning votes. This time their target is the European Covention on Human Rights and all its imagined 'abuses', a clever populist target to be sure and politically it pressures the government and puts it on the defensive when it comes to law and order.

The Tories are also playing to their traditional political strengths here, with the general populace associating Howard with the whole 'lock 'em up and throw away the key' strain of bootboy Conservatism. Also for the Tories it takes account of the strength of the economy and hence Labour's lead on economic issues. To take the Labour party on economically is a mugs game as William Hague discovered at the last election.

So I can see why the Tories are targetting the human rights legislation and it does truly disgust me. Liberties in this country seem under threat from both our major parties and with the Lib Dems supine response to House Arrest bill I'm not left with much hope.