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Monday, March 14, 2005

Cromwell Would Have Been Proud....

Christians can't live with 'em or err can't live with 'em. The minute legions of the Whitehouse Taliban are gearing themselves for battle and the BBC is firmly in the cross-hairs. The idiocy and cultural philistinism of the fundamentalist Christian types who persist in trying to turn the UK into a giant trailer park with a church attached.

The mental cripples of Christian Voice have alas interpreted 'Jerry Springer' in much the same way as they would interpret the Bible: literally with the tin ear of dogma. Like their reading of the Bible there is no room for metaphor, for simile, for poetry, just a shopping list of demands from the biggest bully of them all. So true to form they reduce 'Jerry Springer' to its component parts, pick out the swearing completely missing its context and thus miss the point of the Opera completely.

They then kvetch about the portrayals of God and Jesus whining about how offended they are, demanding victim status. The absurdity and petty mindedness of these complaints barely needs comment. God does not need idiot human beings to defend him or herself, God really has more important things to do with his or her time than get offended at mere maggots like ourselves passing comment. God in short can take care of himself. The God that these so-called Christians worship is a mere idol and proof of the superficiality of their alleged faith.
Christian Voice will not of course succeed Britain has been too secular for too long to change now and lacks the fertile soil of Calvinism that the US has. Their complaints have no wider cultural resonance and no natural constituency, but they are learning to use the media better and have ready sources of funding so should be kept an eye on.

Jerry Springer(who is most likely smoking an infeasibly large cigar and snorting cocaine delivered by mute Columbian dwarves right now) is probably laughing his very wealthy arse off right now.