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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Does Blair Actually Believe Anything he Says Anymore?

Ahhh where to start, macho bullshitting politics from the messianic delusions of a security service lackey. Larded with sub-Thatcherite rhetoric as if spoken with the mouth of Bush busy trying to pull a Churchill on the British public. All the cosmic rays he's absorbed while crossing the Atlantic seems to have further interfered with any attempt at rational thinking concerning these terrible authoritarian house arrest laws.

Blair typically refuses to engage with issues casting the whole debacle as a test of his political 'manhood' a pissing contest with the shadowy terrorists who don't give a toss about the laws being passed. Blair is as ever cynically playing politics here, bolstering his image as 'tough' on law and order issues. Perfectly contemptible yet understandable behaviour from a government who have never found a liberty they wouldn't curtail.

Yet again he equates an unpopular and morally wrong policy as being correct. Blair's brain works something like this: find extremely stupid policy, find that general public hate policy, immediately embrace policy as the 'future' then define all those who oppose policy as being 'conservative'. An optional extra to this retarded thought process is a little light moralising topped with some messianic flourishes. This formula has obviously been altered slightly for the House Arrest Bill with sullen Blunkettesque attempts at bullying his opponents mixed with paranoia about unspecified 'threats' fear is such a wonderful political tool...

Blair is wrong in principle, wrong in practice and contemptible in approach this bill must go no further.