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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Book Tag!

Ok so I've been book tagged by the estimable Larry Gamborne(tips virtual hat)
Five books that I've read and would reccomend to others:

1) Energy Flash - Simon Reynolds
A fantastic look at UK rave and club culture from the marxoid theorist/journalist Simon Reynolds, with a mix of on the spot reporting and some fantastic speculation Reynolds brilliantly captures the vitality of the mid-nineties rave scene. From Hardcore to Jungle you really get a sense that things were happening and no other journalist has really captured or understood dance music like Reynolds. A history, an analysis and a celebration, this book is a must read.

2) Wall Street - Doug Henwood
Proprieter of the excellent Left Business Observer and top US Marxist bloke. Reynolds deconstructs US State-Capitalism brilliantly laying bare the mechanics of Wall Street and how it has changed since the Keynesian 'Golden Age' of Corporatism in the 1960's. Skewering the pretensions of the bankers and Greenspan's status of monetary demi-god while presenting ideas about possible post-capitalist furtures Wall Street is as good an introduction to Economics as any other text on the shelf, much reccomended.

3) Alas, Poor Darwin - Various
This book is an excellent collection of essays by key thinkers in psychology, biology and zoo-ology. The theme of this book is the mistakes and assumption of Evolutionary Psychology and the lazy way the mainstream media has made it the 'received wisdom'. A much needed antidote to right wing neo-darwinist class warriors...

4)Niesztche - Genealogy of Morals
I may not agree with him, well some of the time, but even in translation a fantastic writer and philosopher to read. Left wing, Right wing who knows... but this essay is required reading for any serious political, ethical or social thinker. Niesztche takes no prisoners and challenges every day assumptions with his call to invent a new morality. Hugely influential and hugely misunderstood go get!

5) Blake - Songs of Innocence and Experience
Blake: mad neo-protestant messianic revolutionary, artist and artisan, this however is an essential work of literature and art. With a hotline to his subconscious and tapping in to deep supressed revolutionary impulses in the English body politic Blake has produced a work of genius. So good I gave my copy away to a friend to read.