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Sunday, April 24, 2005

I'm Back(Lots of re-locating gubbins!)

Due to relocating to sunny Bournemouth my blogging activities have somewhat interrupted but having located an internet connection I'm back!

The general election campaign has been continuing apace and the issues have been ever narrowing, Crosby has perhaps set the pace for this campaign with his very astute news management. Blair and 'New' Labour has been forced to state and restate their policy on immigration, asylum etc...

So in general the election campaign has been a big turn off, it has failed to engage with the man-in-street, tho' to be fair tactical voting seems to have made a comeback with David Davis' seat being under threat among others. So a tedious campaign with perhaps an interesting few results is the best we can hope for.

The big ideas and the big problems have been avoided, global warming, intellectual property rights, transport gridlock, industrial democracy. This is the downside of modern advertising driven and poll tested techniques in that they relentlessly narrow and focus the politics of this campaign on what politicians perceive as 'important' to potential voters. Add in the the lopsided nature of our first past the post electoral system and you the alienated and alienating unegaging election campaign.