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Monday, June 08, 2009

Labour Vote takes a Walk.

Perhaps the most disheartening, yet unsurprising result of the recent Euro elections in the UK is the election of two BNP Euro MP's. Disheartening as their share of the vote increased marginally relative to the collapse in support for the Labour party.

This, not the BNP is the real story of the Euro elections with the New Labour calculus that the great unwashed have nowhere else to go, returning to bite them where it hurts. Labour's party machine has atrophied and their campaign apparently disorganised and ineffective. The traditional Labour vote has unsuprisingly sat on it's hands and stayed at home.

As a libertarian lefty outsider it does seem amazing that Labour high command failed to spot this draining of support and do something about it. Even if you take a base machine politics view of the debacle, the lack of GOTV is puzzling and does not bode well for a general election.